About Naked Feet Yoga

Healing the world one yoga experience at a time.

The mission of Naked Feet Yoga is to serve all communities with a sacred place where we can come home to ourselves, where we will be nourished and cared for, where serene moments can be enjoyed and silence is healing.

The teachers serve with compassion and understanding towards each person, and a little bit of who we are is given to everyone. The healing energies of this beautiful space has made Naked Feet Yoga a place of true growth.

We all have a vision in mind about what we want out of life, and if we already have it, we want more. Being in the modern world with our techie lives, always on the go, the body becomes sick and tired, but somehow we continue to push through as these “super” humans, (yep, I’ve done it myself) Is our health worth placing at risk? Of course not!

That’s why Naked Feet Yoga is here to our rescue. The tranquility of the space is amazingly calming...There’s one very big reason to join us!

Come and feel calm. The serenity of Naked Feet Yoga will let your nervous system chill, literally! And who doesn’t want to feel like there are no worries? 

The senses will reset, the body will be so grateful, it’ll have no choice but to give you better health and internal peace. Not to do more, but for you to enjoy more. Simple really!

Naked feet yoga believes in healing each of us, one yoga experience at a time. Our focus is to help our community live happy fulfilling lives, where health, wellbeing and family time are prioritized. We guide our students to explore life with arms wide open and hearts turned towards growth. 
Please join us and be part of our beautiful compassionate community!