Become a Yoga Teacher

Our curriculum was cultivated with the intention to create awareness of spirit, participation in life and personal meaning. 

This Yoga Teacher Training at Naked Feet was design with the intention to create connection with yourself and others. 
Our primary goal is to impart future teachers that yoga is a Whole practice, going beyond the physical postures. 

 Does your life creates connections?
 Does it make you mindful, free, peaceful, powerful or calm? Does it contribute to human uplift? 
If you would like any of these answers to be YES, join us now and embark in this life event - 

 You will learn: 
 How to safely cue all categories of asana (postures) Pranayama (breathing) techniques to help facilitate a desired outcome.
 Key Sanskrit terminology. 
The importance of pranayama and mindfulness during asana practice. 
Functional anatomy specifically for yoga teachers. 
A foundational understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your practice and your life.
 Meditation/mindfulness techniques derived from Yoga, Eastern and modern practices. 
The anatomy of the subtle body, an understanding of the chakra system, how to recognize unbalance and tools to align the chakras.
 How to find your authentic voice as a teacher and intelligently sequence inspirational/transformational yoga classes. 
You will not just conceptually learn the benefits of yoga, but by deepening your own practice you will begin to understand how yoga can truly transform your life.

 Graduates of Naked Feet Yoga 200Hr YTT will be certified by the Yoga Alliance and have the skills to teach beginner/intermediate vinyasa and hatha yoga, gentle yoga, guided meditation.
  We understand that in order to inspire others, we must inspire ourselves. We live our yoga. We love to learn. Whether your goal is to teach Yoga or to deepen your personal practice, we would be honored to have you join us. 

 This YTT does not promote one single philosophy or style of yoga, although it does reflect a Vinyasa-flow emphasis. 
This training includes information about the history of yoga – it’s original emphasis and intention – as well as how to take that information and make it relevant to the world today.

If you like to pay in full and save $200 please select "YTT Paid in Full" 
If you like to do the payment plan, please select "Yoga Teacher Training" with a $500 non-refundable deposit and 5 monthly payments of $540
This Training will meet 2 weekends per month. 
 Friday 6-10p
 Saturday 12p-7p
 Sunday 12-6p 
 Monday 6-10p 

 Join us!! Space is limited so inquire today. In Person YTT 200hr, with Dina Martinez & staff.

Yoga Teacher Training Schedule:


Fri Sept  10, 6-10p
Sat Sept 11, 12-7p
Sun Sept 12, 12-6p

Mon Sept 13, 6-10p

Fri Sept 24, 6-10p
Sat Sept 25, 12-7p
Sun Sept 26, 12-6p

Mon Sept 27, 6-10p
Fri Oct 8, 6-10p
Sat Oct 9, 12-7p
Sun Oct 10, 12-6p
Mon Oct 11, 6-10p

Fri Oct 22, 6-10p

Sat Oct 23, 12-7p

Sun Oct 24, 12-6p

Mon Oct 25, 6-10p

Fri Nov 5, 6-10p

Sat Nov 6, 12-7p

Sun Nov 7, 12-6p

Mon Nov 8, 6-10p

Fri Nov 19, 6-10p

Sat Nov 20, 12-7p

Sun Nov 21, 12-6p

Mon Nov 22, 6-10p


Fri Dec 3, 6-10p

Sat Dec 4, 12-7p

Sun Dec 5, 12-6p

Mon Dec 6, 6-10p

Fri Dec 17, 6-10p

Sat Dec 18, 12-7p

Sun Dec 19, 12-6p

Mon Dec 20, 6-10p


Fri Jan 7, 6-10p

Sat Jan 8, 12-7p

Sun Jan 9, 12-6p

Fri Jan 14, 6-10p

Sat Jan 15, 12-7p

Sun Jan 16, 12-6p GRADUATION!!!