Become a Yoga Teacher

Our curriculum was cultivated with the intention to create awareness of spirit, participation in life and personal meaning as you find your creative path 

This year is a time of emotional reconstruction, with much more awareness of prejudice, understanding breakthroughs, leaps in scientific advancements offering for a most needed vaccine.
More and more, we were confronted with the need to achieve our goals, to keep up with and adapt to a radically changed world.
 Simultaneously, more than ever our humanness is breaching the surface, setting a new precedent as they climb to all-time highs across the world. As the human need increases, we are looking for new methods to resolve these inner imbalances, return to our happier self and reclaim a forgotten peace.
This Yoga Teacher Training at Naked Feet was built with the intention to bring ourselves back to the place that we all miss, a place of self reflection & healing for our broken pieces. 
The next four and a half months will be a time for you to learn ways to counteract the effects of stress and emotional imbalances that have affected you and the entire population today after the pandemic- Our primary goal is to impart future teachers that yoga is a Whole practice, going beyond the physical postures and goals with the studies of the Yamas & Niyamas 


This yoga training is designed to give you an organic unfolding experience. For those who want to teach, you will gain a solid foundation to grow as a yoga teacher. Graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level.
This YTT does not promote one single philosophy or style of yoga, although it does reflect a Vinyasa-flow emphasis. This training includes information about the history of yoga – it’s original emphasis and intention – as well as how to take that information and make it relevant to the world today.
In this training, you’ll learn teaching mechanics, the fundamentals of teaching yoga classes and other tools to help you develop your own voice in teaching
 connecting with love & laughter in community.

A non-refundable $500 deposit is required by August 29th
If you like to pay in full and save $200 please select "YTT Paid in Full"
If you like to do the payment plan, please select "Yoga Teacher Training" 
                                                                      Cost of Training is $3,200

This Training will meet 2 weekends per month giving you time to enjoy life with family & friends.
Make up sessions will be offered in December for an extra cost.
Friday 6-10p
Saturday 12p-7p
Sunday 12p-6p
Monday 6-10p.
We understand life happens and celebrations too, we recommend not to miss more then two weekends during your training.
Register today and reserve your spot!

Yoga Teacher Training Schedule:


Fri Sept  10, 6-10p
Sat Sept 11, 12-7p
Sun Sept 12, 12-6p

Mon Sept 13, 6-10p

Fri Sept 24, 6-10p
Sat Sept 25, 12-7p
Sun Sept 26, 12-6p

Mon Sept 27, 6-10p
Fri Oct 8, 6-10p
Sat Oct 9, 12-7p
Sun Oct 10, 12-6p
Mon Oct 11, 6-10p

Fri Oct 22, 6-10p

Sat Oct 23, 12-7p

Sun Oct 24, 12-6p

Mon Oct 25, 6-10p

Fri Nov 5, 6-10p

Sat Nov 6, 12-7p

Sun Nov 7, 12-6p

Mon Nov 8, 6-10p

Fri Nov 19, 6-10p

Sat Nov 20, 12-7p

Sun Nov 21, 12-6p

Mon Nov 22, 6-10p


Fri Dec 3, 6-10p

Sat Dec 4, 12-7p

Sun Dec 5, 12-6p

Mon Dec 6, 6-10p

Fri Dec 17, 6-10p

Sat Dec 18, 12-7p

Sun Dec 19, 12-6p

Mon Dec 20, 6-10p


Fri Jan 7, 6-10p

Sat Jan 8, 12-7p

Sun Jan 9, 12-6p

Fri Jan 14, 6-10p

Sat Jan 15, 12-7p

Sun Jan 16, 12-6p GRADUATION!!!